Just a very brief bio so you get a sense of where I’m coming from and what I’ve done-

I started my career at 12 as a Ford model, and then went to Carnegie-Mellon to study theater. 

My teachers were the same professors that Meryl Streep and Kevin Kline were working with at Yale at the same time. Then, I went to New York to pursue my career in theater, but started booking roles in commercials and Daytime TV series, which led to Prime time TV, Film work and Broadway. I was thrilled to keep working when so many actors and classmates had to have day jobs. (I attribute that to my developing marketing skills and earlier work experience as a teen.)

About Me

As an Emmy nominated actress, I’ve worked successfully in all medias;18 contract and recurring roles in daytime and prime time TV, hundreds of network commercials, ten years of classical roles in repertory and regional theater companies, two Broadway shows, four off-Broadway shows and one Broadway musical.

(By the way, I’m a terrible singer, so it just goes to show, if you hang in there long enough, audition consistently and market yourself effectively, you could book almost anything!)


I started coaching and mentoring young actors a few decades ago - it’s my payback for a fun and successful career. For me it’s been very rewarding as I see such an enormous amount of talent - YOU - and all you need is some savvy advice, a gentle push, and the encouragement to never give up! Talent and passion aside, that’s my strength - being persistent and consistent - it’s what I teach you so you can be a working, successful actor as well!

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What they are saying....

Gwyn Gilliss is an amazing career coach as well as a loving, caring, compassionate human being. Working with her has been a wonderful experience and a necessary investment in my career!

Ksenia Pavlov (Greenlit, The Americans)

If you want to learn to act, find a class. If you want to learn how to get acting work, go to Gwyn.

Ellen Burr  (Welcome to the Men’s Group- with Timothy Bottom, Relapse)