Gwyn Gilliss Bio

Gwyn studied theater and playwriting at Carnegie Mellon University, and was an Emmy Award nominated Daytime TV actress with over a dozen contract and recurring roles- as well as appearing on Prime time TV series. Favorites include: All My Children, (ABC), The Lucy Arnaz Show (CBS) and Woman of Valor (NBC) which received an Emmy Award.

In classical Repertory theater productions across the country Gwyn played roles from Shakespeare-Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing, Moliere- Elmire in Tartuffe, Tennessee Williams- Blanche in Streetcar Named Desire to Noel Coward- Elvira in Blithe Spirit. On Broadway she was in Kaufman and Hart’s The Man Who Came to Dinner at the Circle in the Square in Joshua Logan’s (Mister Roberts, South Pacific) last play, Trick. 


She received a post graduate grant to study economics at Harvard University and attended a graduate program (political science) at Oxford University. Gwyn was a guest professor in the MFA drama program at Yale as well as being a guest lecturer at UC Irvine (University of California) and USC (University of Southern California) also in the MFA programs. She has lectured worldwide-at the Actor's EXPO in New York City, London and Los Angeles.


Gwyn founded Laight Street Films in Robert DeNiro’s Tribeca (NYC) film community, creating Bloggers, a comedy pilot (HBO style later greenlighted as Scorn.)  Current projects include: Haupt Air, a "boomedy" prime time comedy pilot (trailer:, Heavenly Heist, a comedic film based on a true story about rebellious French nuns and Enraptured, a magical eight part mini-series about the mystical 8th century Persian Queen Scheherazade set in 21st century New York- recently optioned for Australian TV -and Moose Calls, a heartbreakingly funny adventure film about two women escaping conventional life (and a parole officer) on a road trip to Alaska.

As the "Foremost International Marketing Mentor and Career Coach for Actors" for several decades GWYN GILLISS is also the premier role model with winning strategies and first-hand knowledge of the TV, Film and Theater Industries which she willingly shares to help new actors succeed. A BACKSTAGE Marketing Expert, Gwyn contributes monthly articles/marketing tips and produces FREE Seminars, Workshops and Events to inspire, encourage and educate performing artists. 

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