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A 12 month Membership for actors who want to achieve amazing results

reaching their goals of Becoming a HIGHLY PAID, SUCCESSFUL, WORKING ACTOR!

It's like an MBA Program teaching you the Business Strategies and Tactics 

you need to know so you can run your career more efficiently.

Get signed representation- Agent/Manager (2-3 markets)

Book a Featured Role on a sitcom, prime time series, film

Be a Co-Starring player on a prime time series

Work with A-list actors in a major Film

Create Multiple $treams of Income -aiming for $ix figures


Is this even possible?

Yes, it is and YES, you can! I've done it and I can show you how.

What the 12 month membership in the Actorpreneurs academy includes:


1   Monthly Real Deal Day to audition for 5 Top Industry  Pro's                        $199.00

           ($100 discount if you want to attend the 2nd day)                                  $100.00

2   Monthly ONE-on-ONE Olympic GOLD 1 hr. Mentoring session                   $125.00

3    Four Weekly sessions of Strategy Circle                                                        $39.99

4   Four Saturday BOOT Camps - 3 hours                                                          $299.00

         ($100 discount on any future BOOT Camp)                                                  $100.00

                                                                                                                                            $862.99             BOOTCAMPS (Choose Four):  

Creating an EMAIL CAMPAIGN to reach out to the INDUSTRY, Designing  your

CASTABILITY SHEET, Constructing your WEBSITE,  Mastering your SELF-TAPE AUDITIONS, Designing your monthly NEWSLETTER/e-zine, Creating a one person STAND UP COMEDY SHOW, writing a short FILM, Acing an AGENT INTERVIEW , Building your NETWORK and more...                                                                                                                                 

$862.99 value at OVER 60% off ! Bundled together you get an incredible DEAL

at $297 a month- pay as you go or pay the total and save $564.00!

That's like $250 a month!

Be a part of a thriving community holding you accountable. Learn more about the business, check in monthly with your Career Mentor, get valuable information from

Industry Pro's as well as auditioning for 5-10 new Real Deal Industry Guests every

month. You can run your business more efficiently - guaranteed you'll see results!

                                                                                                 Monthly $297


                                                                                              12 months $3564

                                                                                             Pay in full  $3000

                                                                                                    Save  $564!

                                                                                                or $250/month

Membership is by invitation ONLY. There is a 12 month commitment but as you can see

there is the monthly option or to save significantly you can choose the yearly fee. There

are a limited number of slots available as Gwyn wants to really focus on a small select

group of ready-to-succeed actors- no B S, no excuses, no limitations, just a Master Plan

to get results...NOW!