Career Start Up

What's Career Start Up?
It's a Special Coaching Program for new and returning actors.
Welcome to the Industry!


If you're currently a student or about to graduate from your college, university or conservatory drama program this ONE-on-ONE Coaching program is designed specifically for you! If you've just taken acting workshops or classes, this is for you! If you've started your career but are overwhelmed by what to do to get work, how to get an agent, this program is for you. And if you are interested in changing careers or finally doing what you've always dreamed of doing, this program is for you!

You've learned the craft of Acting...now it's time to learn how to Market yourself to actually get WORK and manage your career going forward. I can help you do that successfully!

With two bi-weekly ONE-on-ONE sessions with a top Career Coach we'll focus on the following:

Define your GOALS   What do you really want to accomplish NOW?

Do you want to be working in Prime time TV, Film, Theater, in Broadway musicals, in commercials, modeling...You decide what kind of career you want. I help you manifest it!

Find an excellent TEAM   This would include Agents- both Commercial and Theatrical to help get you work in TV, film, theater...and also a Personal Manager. I help you get this team together ASAP!

Create or Update your MARKETING TOOLS   We define your BRAND and TYPE so when you communicate with the industry they know how to cast you! What are Marketing Tools? Simple. Head shot, Resume, Bio, Website, and Sizzle reel. These can be obtained affordably and easily but it's essential that you get the correct inside advice so you don't waste valuable time and resources getting the wrong tools, saying the wrong thing, sending the wrong message.   

Have a reliable source- your COACH- to resolve issues as they arise:  I'm here for you 24/7. You can text, email, SKYPE or ZOOM and I am available as your Mentor, guide and support system.

The best news yet? It's highly affordable - $199/monthly- far less than what a current Coaching Program or even an acting class costs. We meet via ZOOM or SKYPE bi-weekly...it's ongoing- no limitations!

monthly pay as you go
3 months -get one month FREE