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Hey Drama Grad!

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Need an Agent? Learn what agents are looking for, what they do and don’t do, when to contact them and how, and most importantly, how to ace an Agent Interview! Listen to 10 Winning Strategies to find your ideal agent NOW!

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50 Brilliant Tips

Want to make a ton of $$ using your talent and training? You can- booking commercials while waiting for that brilliant role in a Broadway show or a blockbuster film! Listen to the 10 Winning Strategies about booking commercials. You'll NEVER need a bread and butter job again!

Marketing Tactics

Not clear about how to market yourself whether you have an agent or not? Discover your type, BRAND and how best to present yourself to the industry to win auditions and jobs.Get the 10 Winning Strategies on Marketing tactics and be a pro-active actor who works a lot!


Not sure which direction your career should go- Theater? Film? TV ? Where to aim first- NY or LA? Stressed out by all the decisions? Don't be! Get the 10 Winning Strategies to develop a Winner's Mindset and gain the confidence you need to audition successfully!

Overcoming Obstacles

Finding it all just too overwhelming? Where to get the best head shot, how to create a sizzle reel, find auditions, devise a marketing plan or just contact an agent- how to do it right and not make a mistake? No worries? Get the 10 Winning Strategies on Overcoming Obstacles and things look a lot easier!

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50 Winning Strategies - The Complete 5 Disk Set
Smart actors know it's important to plan your career and get great advice that will put you on the path to the A list and help you book Commercials, Voice-overs, Prime time TV, Theater and Film roles.  Following 50 proven strategies you can't lose- Just ask all the working actors who did! Download and listen to each topic in minutes. Then apply the knowledge to your own career. That's winning! So is this. Order the complete set and SAVE $25.00  plus your Drama grad GIFT of $25.00!