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Episodic Season? 

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Work with Marketing Expert,                    GWYN GILLISS
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Episodic Season



        Saturday, MAY 16th

                       10:00AM - 4:00PM

                           Studio in SANTA MONICA


       Is your CAREER STALLED? 

       Do you NEED an AGENT?

       Are you JUST STARTING OUT?

       Do you want to BREAK INTO the LA MARKET?


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What is the Episodic Season Workshop?


A One Day Workshop  IN PERSON or THREE Private One-On-One Sessions with me-

Skype, FaceTime or Phone- to get you up to speed for the casting frenzy from

June - October 2020

       TWO OPTIONS!!!      


   1.You can choose the  IN PERSON for the 6 hour Workshop  

          in Los Angeles.    


   2. You can choose to meet ON-LINE with me for THREE 

       one hour sessions ONE-on-ONE via SKYPE, Facetime or Phone


What's Included?

1. Advice on your HEAD SHOTS- maybe the one you are using isn't selling you. The 3 “looks” that will sell you for all genres in Prime Time. 

2. An Updated RESUME TEMPLATE so your resume is Industry STANDARD- telling Agents to call you, Casting Directors to audition you and Producers to request you. They're the ones who HIRE you!

3. A winning AGENT INTERVIEW TEMPLATE- with the 3 winning bullet points-written, rehearsed and polished so you can close the DEAL to get an offer of representation!

4. Evaluation of your DEMO (SIZZLE) REEL- how to make it sizzling and sell you and if you don't have one, what "scenes" you should go shoot for your TYPE and BRAND.

5. Three COLD COPY AUDITION techniques to handle those terrifying- "here, read this in 2 minutes or less" auditions.

6. Communication EMAIL TEMPLATES- what to say in a COVER LETTER, an email and a post card for reaching: Agents, Casting Directors, Directors, Screenwriters and Network Executives.

7. Defining your TYPE and BRAND. This is how ALL roles are cast-the description in the Breakdowns!

8. Writing a LOG LINE to express your "essence, style and personality". You'll get more roles if they know what to hire you for!

9. Targeting a LIST of THEATER/TV/FILM AGENTS you can contact for representation.

10. Creating a CASTABILITY Sheet that will get a positive response from Casting Directors!



$100 OFF AND A PERSONAL REFERRAL LIST of Agents and Personal Managers you can contact!

We cover all this together in the 6 HOUR In Person Workshop or in the INTENSE THREE 1 hour sessions, ONE-on-ONE with your top Marketing Coach, GWYN GILLISS via SKYPE, Facetime or Phone.

You can be anywhere, live anywhere globally but be prepped for your entrance to the Prime time Markets- LA, NY, CHICAGO, ATLANTA, LONDON, TORONTO -and Episodic Season now! With the on-line option we'll set up a DAY/TIME that is convenient for you. PDF templates are emailed to you before each session for all the above so you can follow along and be totally prepared.