To be accepted, just fill out the application, then send your headshot & resume here:           Int.Actors.Summit2021@gmail.com

1. Why should I attend the International Actors Summit?

Well first of all it's FUN- you get to meet a ton of really great people- very talented, pro-active actors from many different markets and of course industry professionals not just agents and casting directors but screenwriters, directors and executives who can share what it's like to work on a blockbuster film or an Emmy Award, Golden Globe prime time series or how they cast a project- what they look for when hiring talent. Learn by watching other actors, get feedback from the best and connect! Mostly, it's introducing you to YOUR ideal future career...becoming a GLOBAL actor where you can work in all markets. 

2. What should I expect? What is the schedule?

The schedule is simple- During the three days there are three rounds each day, For the first two days, August 13th-14th actors perform monologues, 8-10am, 10:30-12:30pm, 1:00pm-3:00pm. This is so Industry and actors in other time zones -East coast- New York, Atlanta, Miami or London can participate comfortably. On the 3rd day, actors perform three rounds of scenes, 8-10am, 10:30-12:30 pm and 1:00 -3:00pm, PDT. 

3. Who's attending? Who are the Industry Pro's?

We book simply the best- Well established Agents who own their agencies or those who have been in the business for years, decades- some with offices in 2, 3 or 4 markets like LA, NY, London, Atlanta. Ditto with Personal Managers and Casting Directors-many of whom we've known personally for many years. We've included Screenwriters and Network Executives in the mix because that's just the best way to see how the real world operates from the top-where you fit in and how you can get your acting career to the next level. Is it about your audition?...partially but it's also about your unique qualities- personality, charisma and ability to connect. That's why in each session there's time to ask questions and talk directly to these folks. You need to meet and get to know these Power Players and they need to get to know YOU. ...exactly the reason for the Summit.

4. If I meet Agents and Casting Directors from another Market/country...can I be considered for roles in films and TV series?

Yes. We've seen first hand a slew of actors get called, auditioned and booked in their home market by

being contacted by a production company, casting director, agent from another Market. Several London actors/clients have gotten agent representation from an LA Agent who had offices in NY and London and some actors have gotten auditions and bookings from production companies or casting directors who were casting projects to be shot in London,Paris or Berlin. Often  an actor  was referred to them, had previously met them or seen their work. The film/TV market is definitely Global- most projects shoot in more than one location and there is always a need to hire local actors for the supporting, featured and smaller roles- that's your break if you're a young actor developing your resume, making valuable connections for the future.

5. Can I work in the LA/Hollywood market without a GREEN CARD? Or an #01 VISA?

In order to work in the USA if you're not a citizen you need a green card or an #01 VISA....there are non union jobs and student projects of course but to make a living or get a salaried job on a major film or series you need to have legal status and for most projects, be in the union- SAG-AFTRA.

However, most films and many series shoot in more than one location. Action adventure, spy, espionage, crime and many legal series as well as romantic comedies go on location all the time to other parts of the US and in other countries. Will they hire a dozen actors and fly them to that location, pay for their room and board and travel expenses? Not if they want to save the budget- they'll hire a local actor-that's YOU- especially if they want an authentic accent or ethnicity. So by meeting International Industry Professionals you're increasing your opportunities of working-even in your home market! 

Sponsorships are also something to consider. There are Agents, Personal Managers and some production companies who could sponsor you for your green card if they want to cast you in their project or represent you. Many have offices in LA, NY and London for example. Every successful agent has a number of diverse ethnicities represented on their roster and is always looking to find talent they can handle in different markets-It's a win-win for them and for YOU!

6. Are there SCHOLARSHIPS? PAYMENT PLANS? How can I afford this?

There are payment plans and a discount if you pay the total fee for the Summit. We are also offering scholarships for each level/package to attend. First,  APPLY to be accepted.  then, send a headshot (small jpg) and resume to: Int.Actors.Summit2021@gmail.com. Then, enter the Monologue Challenge. 

WINNING actors can receive $250, $500, $750  towards the cost of the Summit. Since we only accept 25 actors, you have a good shot at winning!!!

7. If both my friend(s) and I sign up, do we get a Discount?

Yes! By referring a friend, you get a 10% discount- from $50 to $150 depending upon which package you or your friend sign up for. You can split the discount or one of you can use it for your specific package.

8. Is the Summit live or taped? Can I get a copy of the Event? My performance?

The International Actors Summit is LIVE but  it will be videotaped. You'll be able to view the entire event a few days after and order a copy for a reasonable fee.

9. Is the Summit in LA? Pacific Daylight time?

The Summit is on ZOOM, the internet but yes we are in Pacific Daylight time since many of our Industry guests are in the west coast time zone.

10. Will I have a choice of a monologue... or am I given one?

Yes to both questions, If you don't have one that is appropriate, we can help you find a monologue and then you get a prep rehearsal session.

11. Will I have a choice of a scene or will I be assigned one? How do I find a partner?  Will my partner be a reader?

We can do either or both- find a scene and a partner that will show your unique qualities and marketable roles.

12. How much Prep time/rehearsal will I receive?

Check out the specific package you're interested in- you get a One-on-One prep session for a monologue and the same for a scene. (If you need specific tools- check the ADD ON's. You can also request additional coaching).

13. What are the expected RESULTS? Will I get an agent? An audition? A Role?

We can't promise that you'll get signed representation or a major role after just ONE meeting- that's unrealistic (although it has happened!)...the IMPORTANT thing  to remember is- you can develop a relationship with these folks. We introduce you and then help you follow up, follow up, follow up. It's not hard and we have many great success stories from previous " Marathon Networking Events". What you can count on is that you'll have met some of the most successful Industry Professionals in the Business -many of whom don't do the usual seminar, workshop or meet-up.

14. How do I follow up? Can I expect to hear from some of the Industry Professionals? What do I do or say to them??

Many actors will get a response from an Industry Professional -usually to tell you how great your work was or to please "stay in touch" but not to worry if you don't hear from anyone. It doesn't mean you weren't good or performed well. It all depends on what is being cast, what agents need -sometimes they are searching for specific types for their roster. It also depends on whether they are signing new faces at that time and whether or not you are similar to an existing signed client...it's all very subjective. The main thing is to STAY IN TOUCH. We have several post Summit programs and marketing tools to teach you how to Follow Up- by creating a marketing campaign, an e-zine (personal newsletter) and a castability sheet, a killer website-see ADD ON's if you'd like to order these. PLUS, ALL VIP Members get a FREE follow up Mentoring session to take that next step.