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Hey, we all know that an acting career is exciting, fun and challenging but it costs money - head shots, classes, training, more training, workshops, audition wardrobe, sizzle reels,'s endless!

And yes, you definitely need to INVEST in training, coaching, marketing and networking… I totally understand!

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My Story
10 Top Secrets for a Successful, Acting Career

Here’s my story - how I started my career in New York, who helped me and what I learned that will help you - saving you years of struggle, expense and frustration-  (there are some funny moments,too!)

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What they are saying....

Gwyn has such great knowledge of the business, having been very successful herself, and you know you’re learning from a do-er, not just a teacher. If you want to be a success in acting, work with Gwyn Gilliss. She is the best !

Daniel Angus Cox  (Boardwalk Empire, Living the Dream)

Gwyn is an incredible coach and a very fun person …I highly recommend her as a coach to anyone who wants a shortcut to success!  

Deniss Rakovich  (Watch Me)