The SUMMER LA ActorMarathon 2020

JUNE 5th, 6th, 7th

​The June LA ActorMarathon Weekend is a 3 day intensive Weekend Seminar giving you all the information you need to work in the LA TV and Film markets, including meeting and performing for 25 top Industry Guests. Set in beautiful Marina Del Rey on the Pacific Ocean, attendees get a realistic plan for relocating to LA to work in the career they love while enjoying the sunny California lifestyle. Special options include: shooting a Sizzle scene or two, working with a top LA photographer to upgrade your head shot and appearing in a commercial demo shot in a TV studio. The Event is catered- all meals are provided as well as templates for marketing tools -resume, bio, castability sheet and e-zine-so you come prepared to win!

​What Can I Expect? What is the Schedule?     


12:45pm - We meet as a group and get an overview of the weekend.

1:00 - 2:00pm -  Buffet Lunch dining al fresco- outside on the Ocean

2:00 - 3:00pm - We'll have a short seminar and a Q & A- Practical Realities, where we'll cover what you need to live

       and work in LA as an actor and go over the best Networking Technique when meeting the guests the following two days.

3:00 - 5:00pm - Rehearsal starts with Monologues and then Scenes followed by feedback and direction.  

6:00 pm  - We then all head out for a "taste of California" Friday night dinner nearby.


9:00 - 10:00 am - Continental breakfast and a dress rehearsal of your monologue and scenes.

11:00am - 1:00 pm - Meet the Industry Guests over refreshments and perform your monologues for the first round.

12 noon -  A short break with refreshments and informal chatting -mingling with the guests and the 2nd part of the first round -                               performance of scenes followed a final Q & A.

1:00 - 3:00pm - A buffet lunch is served  and some "relaxing time" so everyone can walk outside, see the beautiful marina,

               take a short break- or have a quick swim in the pool!

3:00 - 5:00 pm- The 2nd round of the Marathon begins - first monologues, a refreshment break, then scenes and a final Q & A.

6:00pm - We're off for a delicious, casual "Coastal" Saturday Night dinner. 


We meet again at 9:00am for a continental breakfast- coffee croissants, quick notes and a short rehearsal- a chance to re-adjust a monologue, a scene and perfect them, then a similar schedule as Saturday-

11:00am -1:00pm  - Meet the guests,3rd round of performances- monologues and scenes and a Q & A.

1:00-  3:00pm  Lunch break

3:00 - 500pm  -  Meet more Industry guests, then the 4th/final round of monologues and scenes plus a closing Q & A.

The LA Marathon is officially ended. But it's not over yet. Follow up ONE-on-ONE coaching sessions are arranged to discuss and evaluate the success of each actor and how to stay in touch with Industry Guests.

Why Do I Need To Attend?

Trying to set up your career in a new market can be daunting. With knowledge comes power and confidence so you don't waste your time, resources and energy focusing on the wrong things. The LA ActorMarathon Weekend is a condensed intensive program that is affordable so you can decide if you want relocate here permanently as an actor successfully working in TV and Film BEFORE you make the commitment to move here. We respect you as an actor so the LA ActorMarathon Intensive Weekend gives you the opportunity to meet top Industrial Professionals on an equal status- they’ll see you a professional not a student on a holiday trip or in a "class" like so many other programs.

​Gwyn Gilliss is an accomplished professional in our Industry. She has helped thousands of actors find their focus and connect with other professionals to help launch their careers. She is an amazing  consultant and Career coach, dedicated to the  success of others. Any performer that works with her will reap the rewards of her years of experience in the Entertainment  Industry and Business savvy.

                 Angela Montalbano, Casting Director

I recently took part in Gwyn's Actor Marathon and it was a truly wonderful experience! I found Gwyn to be extremely helpful, encouraging, and intelligent. She knows what she is talking about and took the time to make sure all of us involved  were prepared and ready to go. She went way above and beyond what was originally promised to coach and inspire us. The agents, managers, and casting directors had nothing but wonderful things to say about Gwyn and you could tell they respected her a great deal! I've already booked an agent because of this seminar and have several more meetings to attend as well. If you get the opportunity to work with must do it!      Tres Dean

Who Will Be There?


With International clients in London, Paris, Sydney, Toronto and Malta among others, Marketing Expert and Career Coach, Gwyn Gilliss is your host for the event. Having produced over 50 LA and NYC Marathon Events she is the expert on getting your acting career jumpstarted in a new market.  A successful actress herself, Gwyn understands the demands of the career and the realities involved- getting representation, self-promotion and excellent marketing tools. She is an award winning screenwriter as well as a film producer. Gwyn is your best guide to being successful in LA.

Having lived in New York and LA for decades, her network includes hundreds of agents, casting directors and managers who have worked with, signed and represented her private coaching clients- many of whom can be seen in current feature films with A list stars and appearing on Prime time series. Guests at the event will include 25 TOP INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS- who will see your work, answer questions and tell you what you need to do to work with them and book roles in Prime time and Film.

What Does It Cost? What's included in the fee?  


Starting with a One-on-One Pre-Marathon Consult with Gwyn about your goals and Marketing tools, you'll also attend a "Practical Realities" Seminar about actually living in LA-finding an apartment, a car and how to negotiate the freeways,  a Q & A with a Legal Immigration Expert, all meals from Friday to Sunday afternoon, an assigned scene with a partner and a rehearsal,  an LA standard Resume Template, a Networking Seminar to learn the best ways to communicate with the Industry, meeting 25 top Agents, Casting Directors and Managers as well as a follow-up evaluation with exciting and rewarding intense 3 days!    




The Platinum Package includes all that is in the GOLD Package -One-on-One Pre-Marathon Consult with Gwyn about your goals and Marketing tools, a "Practical Realities" Seminar about actually living in LA, all meals from Friday to Sunday afternoon, an assigned scene with a partner and a rehearsal for both a monologue and a scene,  an LA standard Resume Template, a Networking Seminar to learn the best ways to communicate with the Industry, meeting 25 top Agents, Casting Directors and Managers as well as a follow-up evaluation with Gwyn PLUS a Sizzle scene, rehearsed and shot on location to show you in a marketable role in the Prime time market.                                                                                                                          



The Diamond Package includes all the basics in the GOLD PACKAGE plus a Head shot session with a top LA photographer- 3 "looks", a Sizzle scene showing you in a marketable role -Doctor, Lawyer, FBI agent, Undercover Cop, Romantic Hero/Heroine for current Prime Time shows. A partner, location, director, script, sound, writer and editor is provided. You'll receive a 2 minute final Sizzle Scene. Besides a personal evaluation and follow up One-on-One session with Gwyn, you receive a referral to two TOP AGENTS.                                                                                                                                          



Compare each package to see what's right for you. Then fill in the form below to request an interview to be accepted. You may sign up or reserve your spot with a deposit BEFORE acceptance. If the Marathon is fully booked, your funds will be refunded.



Choose a Package and get $200 off.


BRING A FRIEND         $500 OFF

or you can split it 50/50 - take off $250 each


ORDER A SIZZLE SCENE  $495 Includes partner, location,  script, director, videographer, sound, editor, 2 minute video



Includes advice on hair, make-up, wardrobe, 3 commercial scripts, director, editor, final 1-2 minute video


EARLY BIRD  SPECIAL Sign up by February 15th – Deposit of $500- and receive a PERSONAL REFERRAL to a TOP AGENT or MANAGER

PLEASE NOTE: Airfare and Hotel are not included. See additional information sheet for options.       


As there are a LIMITED number of slots available for the June LA ActorMarathon, you might want to consider this option-

If you are sure you want to attend but haven't been accepted- RESERVE YOUR SPOT with a DEPOSIT of $250, immediately refundable if for any reason you are not accepted or can not attend.  Link to PAYPAL here...

After The LA Marathon Weekend...

The actors who are the most successful at the Marathon are those who follow up - updating the industry professionals you've met as you get new marketing tools, add new credits, book new roles and make the commitment to re-locate to LA. Many actors received offers of representation and major auditions leading to bookings months after attending a Marathon by doing just that- staying in touch and showing up. The Marathon Weekend gives you the information you'll need to decide if the LA Market is for you, the tools you'll need to compete and a step by step plan to transition from your current career to one in LA.  


What previous attendees say:

First of all, I just have to say- that Gwyn is a delight. Her laugh and joyful energy is contagious and fun to be around. Gwyn takes something that could be very stressful for many (like auditioning for top agents and directors) and turns it into a high energy enriching and fun experience. Gwyn has given much of her encouragement and knowledge-but the words that still resonate with me is "a winning mindset!"      

                         Maggie Mae Dale

Gwyn is a no nonsense kind of woman. I love that she talked very straight forward about what I would need to do in order to get the career I desired. Without her guidance and support, I wouldn't have met my agent or received the opportunities to meet/freelance with other agents and casting directors on such a large scale. 


                        Maya Lynne Robinson

Apply to Attend
the June LA Marathon 2020

 Please Note: At the conclusion of the June ActorMarathon, the Industry guests will NOT be leaving with your headshot, resume, or any other marketing/promotional materials which will be returned to you. This is not an audition or employment opportunity but a professional social networking and educational workshop. 

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