LA ActorMarathon  

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

AUGUST 14th, 15th, 16th  


The SUMMER LA ActorMarathon Weekend is a 3 day intensive Weekend Seminar giving you all the information you need to work in the LA TV and Film markets, including meeting and performing for 25 top Industry Guests. Set in beautiful Marina Del Rey on the Pacific Ocean, attendees get a realistic plan for relocating to LA to work in the career they love while enjoying the sunny California lifestyle. Each participating actor is coached  privately ONE-on-ONE on their TYPE and BRAND, given an evaluation and update of their Marketing Tools- Headshot, resume, sizzle reel and website as well as specific direction in selecting audition material- a monologue and scene. You are assigned a partner for the scene and rehearsed   weeks/months before the event so you are totally prepared.

 Special options include: shooting a Sizzle scene or two and working with a top LA photographer to upgrade your head shot. The Event is catered- all meals are provided as well as templates for marketing tools -resume, bio, castability sheet and e-zine-so you come prepared to win and follow up with a customized Marketing Plan!


Who Will Be There?


With International clients in New York, London, Paris, Sydney, Toronto among others, 

Marketing Expert and Career Coach, Gwyn Gilliss is your host for the event. Having

produced over 50 LA and NYC ActorMarathon Events she is the expert on getting your

acting career jumpstarted in a new market. A successful actress herself, Gwyn understands

the demands of the career and the realities involved- getting representation, self-promotion

and excellent marketing tools.  Having lived in New York and Los Angeles for decades,

her network includes hundreds of agents, casting directors and managers who have  

worked with, signed and represented her private coaching clients- many of whom can be

seen in current feature films with A list stars and appearing on Emmy Award winning

Prime time series.  Guests at the event will include 25 TOP INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS who will see your work, answer questions and tell you what you need to do to work with them, to audition and to book roles in Prime time and Film. It is truly the best venue in LA for furthering your acting career.

What the Industry is Saying...

Gwyn gives the best of two worlds. A long and well-respected acting career gives her exceptional experience to share, and her drive to stay cutting edge and current gives her an understanding of how things work in the up-to-the-moment industry. Absolutely invaluable!”

                        Elizabeth Gans, Casting Director,  Stark Naked Productions

Gwyn knows what she’s talking about. She’s been there, she’s done it, and there’s no one better at teaching actors what they need to do to get there themselves.      Michael Raymen, Agent  Don Buchwald & Assoc

I look forward to each of Gwyn’s ActorMarathons- and her referrals-I always know that I will find the best and brightest unknown talent out there.                         Ashley Williams,  Professional Artists

I always embrace the opportunity to meet new faces. Through the LA Marathon I got to see some good actors and will be calling them in for future projects. Thanks Gwyn! "

                                                                            Paul Dinh-McCrillis, CSA

For actors- one of the best ways to get to know the industry in New York or LA- Gwyn's ActorMarathons! I always find great new actors! Excellently done, Gwyn!”          

                                                               Mickey Shera, Innovative Artist

You gave me a great opportunity to see good talent- and I signed a few of your excellent clients-  Thanks, Gwyn!”                        Brandy Wilkerson-Caldwell, Bobby Ball Agency

​                     What Can I Expect? What is the Schedule?     


1:00pm -  2:00pm We meet as a group and get an overview of the weekend- What to expect and Who's coming- Everyone receives a list of the guests. 

2:00pm - 3:00pm We'll cover what you need to live and work in LA as an actor and go over the best Networking Technique when meeting the guests for the four audition rounds on Saturday and Sunday.

3:00 - 5:30pm Rehearsal of monologues and scenes followed by feedback and direction.    

6:00 pm  - We  all head out for a "taste of California" Friday night dinner nearby.


9:00 - 10:00 am - Continental breakfast and a dress rehearsal of your monologue and scenes.

11:00am - 12:00 noon - Meet the Industry Guests over refreshments and perform your monologues for the first round.

12 noon - 1:00pm  A short break with refreshments and informal chatting -mingling with the guests followed by a final Q & A.

1:00 - 2:00pm - A buffet lunch is served  and some "relaxing time" so everyone can walk outside, take a short break or have a quick swim in the pool!

3:00 - 5:00 pm- The 2nd round of the Marathon begins - first monologues, a refreshment break, then scenes and a final Q & A.

FREE TIME- Evening open to explore the area, rest, prepare for the final day of the Marathon.


9:00 - 10:00 am - Continental breakfast and a dress rehearsal of your monologue and scenes.

11:00am - 12:00 noon - Meet the Industry Guests over refreshments and perform your monologues for the third round.

12 noon - 1:00pm  A short break with refreshments and informal chatting -mingling with the guests followed by a final Q & A.

1:00 - 3:00pm - A buffet lunch is served  and some "relaxing time" so everyone can walk outside, take a short break or have a quick swim in the pool!

3:00 - 5:00 pm- The 4th round of the Marathon begins - first monologues, a refreshment break, then scenes and a final Q & A.

6:00 PM  The LA ActorMarathon officially ends.

                               Why Do I Need To Attend?

Trying to set up your career in a new market can be daunting. With knowledge comes power and confidence so you don't waste your time, resources and energy focusing on the wrong things. The LA ActorMarathon Weekend is the REAL DEAL! Put in context with all the programs, classes and workshops out there, it's an affordable investment that that will help you go forward to successfully work in TV and Film. It cuts to the chase- why waste years struggling trying to get there? The LA ActorMarathon gives you the opportunity to meet top Industrial Professionals on an equal status. They’ll see your work and get to know you as a professional not as a student on a holiday trip or in a "class" like so many other programs. If they see you as a ready-to-succeed-actor they will be more inclined to take you seriously, offer representation, auditions and work. See what the past attendees say and have experienced.

What Actors are Saying...

I attended an LA ActorMarathon where I met 25 industry Professionals-Major agents, managers, casting directors and producers. I am now signed with a top Manager and have BOOKED my first role in a prime time series!!!   Gwyn has a lot of energy, enthusiasm and experience. She’s a go-getter but also a realist. She expects you to work hard because she believes that you can achieve your dream. Go for it!    Marie Sophon  

Marie Sophon.png
Tres Dean.png

I recently took part in Gwyn's Actor Marathon and it was a truly wonderful experience! I found Gwyn to be extremely helpful, encouraging, and intelligent. She knows what she is talking about and took the time to make sure all of us involved  were prepared and ready to go. She went way above and beyond what was originally promised to coach and inspire us. The agents, managers, and casting directors had nothing but wonderful things to say about Gwyn and you could tell they respected her a great deal! I've already booked an agent because of this event and have several more meetings to attend as well. If you get the opportunity to work with must do it!                                                                                             Tres Dean

First of all, I just have to say- that Gwyn is a delight. Her laugh and joyful energy is contagious and fun to be around. Gwyn takes something that could be very stressful for many (like auditioning for 25 top agents and casting directors) and turns it into a high energy, enriching and fun experience. Gwyn has given much of her encouragement and knowledge but the words that still resonate with me is "a winning mindset!"   

                                                                                                  Maggie Mae Dale

Maggie Mae Dale Headshot.JPG
George Loomis.png

The lovely Gwyn Gilliss is the best Mentor in the biz! Her advice is invaluable- the LA Marathon puts everyone on the map- at least the one I attended- we ALL got offers, auditions, and bookings...You should get in one if you can. I had over 12 offers for meetings, followed up and got my pick of a theatrical agent, a commercial agent and an A list Personal  Manager....who would turn this down?..Thanks, Gwyn.     George Loomis

Gwyn is the real deal! A business-minded woman who has "been there" with her own career and therefore has up-to-the-minute ideas for how each actor she works with can vault to the next level, her coaching is invaluable. Her feedback is always on point, always no "BS." I appreciate her actionable approach with specific steps I can accomplish- Her LA ActorMarathon is sensational!! I got signed with a great theatrical AGENT and a super Personal Manager. Having worked with so many other wannabe coaches, I urge my actor friends to utilize all that  Gwyn offers.                                                                                           Meredith Riley Stewart

Merdith Riley Stewart.png
Paul Reitnauer.png

The LAM was a fantastic time…I met with top notch agents- legit and commercial…the whole 9 yards! I have 3 meetings set up for this week and hopefully with a 4th …Gwyn has done an excellent job of setting this up. If you're looking to start your career in LA or transferring your career to LA, this is an excellent program- it really helps you on your way. Thanks Gwyn!                          Paul Reitnauer​

It's been a pleasure working with Gwyn, a woman full of enthusiasm about getting your career to the next level. As for her LA ActorMarathon... Golden! I have received offers from agents and managers who are in a caliber higher than any I have ever known to visit a showcase or networking event-an impressive guest list of agents, managers, casting directors, and producers who you are excited to connect with. They are people to take your career higher.  I am grateful to be working with Gwyn, a powerhouse of a woman, an industry vet, an inspirational coach, and a lovely, fun person.                                                           Lexi Brandt

Lexi Brandt.png
Clyde Bruff.png

Well, all I can say about the LA ActorMarathon is that I had a ball!... auditioning for some pretty fine agents and casting directors- got numerous offers and a few jobs- a commercial and a film within the first week. Ms. Gilliss knows how to put on a show, get the top Industry folks and is very sweet as well!   

                                                                                                      Clyde Bruff

I just did the LA ActorMarathon with Gwyn and it was fabulous…so many wonderful people including the actors who were in the group- great casting directors, managers, agents. I have some meetings coming up which I'm excited about -I got a lot of cards from Industry people! It's been really beneficial and I recommend it to anyone who's willing to put in the effort and do the work…the LAM works- it's a great experience! Thanks so much!                                                                                                                            Mandie Hittelman

Mandie Hittelman.png
Kazy Tauginas.png

Gwyn is no joke. If she says she'll get in you in front of top agents and casting directors, she will! Her ActorMarathons are phenomenal- the best way to get offers for representation and auditions for both prime time and films!  Trust me, I know! Her years of experience are invaluable for an actor trying to navigate through all the bs here is out there -She is absolutely the best Mentor in the business!  If you get accepted DO the LA ActorMarathon!                     Kazy Tauginas         

Gwyn came into my life last year, and boy oh boy I am so grateful she did!!! If you are serious about your career and about your life as a working artist, do yourself a favor and get Gwyn on your team. Participating in her mentoring program and her LA ActorMarathon I learned so much and made invaluable contacts- I NOW have a career! Not to mention an agent, auditions and WORK.!  I am so grateful for you Gwyn!!      Sasha Lipskaia

Sasha Lipskaia.png
Bryant Boon.png

Major opportunity- Gwyn knows her stuff and got the best Industry professionals- great to get offers for

agent representation and show your best work to TV/Film Casting Directors​..loved it!     

                                                                                    Bryant Boon

I did one of Gwyn's ActorMarathons and it was a great experience. She is very tapped into the industry and was able to invite a lot of great guests to the event. The advice we all received at the marathon was invaluable and I made some very useful connections- my agent, personal managers and high level casting directors..  Overall, a very positive experience- just DO it!                             Lauren Harrington                                                             

Lauren Harrington.png
Grant Boyd.png

Gwyn's ActorMarathon? Never thought I'd meet so many high level agents and casting was great and really productive for my career going forward- on ward and upward!                                                 Grant Boyd

The LAM was a great experience…so fantastic to meet so many casting directors, agents-I already have 10 meetings set up for this week- hopefully I'll get signed from one of Them. I highly recommend the ActorMarathon for every actor out there trying to get their career going. Thank you Gwyn!   Megan Abel

Megan Abel.png
Tony Mircandani.png

First of all, it's a great experience!'s been amazing...I already got a few offers and an audition tomorrow for a Star Trek Captain- major film (which I booked!). Everyone- join the next LA ActorMarathon- it's a wonderful opportunity.                                        Tony Mircandanni

No BS...Gwyn's LA ActorMarathon is worth every penny ...met top Agents and Personal Managers and other Indusry- got signed..F-ing Great!                      Cassidi Parker

Cassidi Parker.png
Roger Anthony.png


Gwyn was amazing – with her help I met 25 top agents and the best casting directors in the biz!…it was beyond anything I'd ever experienced! It really propelled my career forward!      Roger Anthony

 Excellent contacts, wonderful opportunity and a brilliant scene written by Gwyn to perform. I enjoyed meeting so many high level Industry...highlight of my summer!       

                                                                          Rachael Wegener

Rachael Wegener.png
Rhys Trenhaile.png

The LA Marathon is a valuable event- met a slew of top industry and can now go forward with so many projects as an actor and producer- friendly agents, encouraging casting directors- It's a great opportunity for any actor at any level.   Thanks Gwyn!          Rhys Trenhaile

The best thing I ever did for my career was work with Gwyn-­ and attend her ActorMarathon. The top industry in all in the same room - 4 rounds of auditions! I would NEVER get that experience anywhere! Then, offers of representation, auditions, bookings- it really paid off! Thanks Gwyn!             Mark Gillespie

Mark Gillespie.png
Jane Petrov.png

In an effort to kick up my acting career, I attended an AFTRA workshop led by Gwyn in NYC. I was impressed with her knowledge about the entertainment industry and her no-­‐nonsense  approach  to acting as a business, networking, and obtaining an agent. She provided an opportunity to meet and audition for 25+ industry professionals over three days with The LA Marathon. A year later, I am in LA, building my film and television credits as an actor and have representation with Avalon Artists Group.                                                                                          Jane Petrov

Excellent venue for meeting the LA Industry-auditioning with scenes and monologues- Gwyn is to be applauded for the effort, her support and brilliant advice as well as her own amazing written material- ...met and signed with a wonderful Personal Manager and am looking forward to the next step!

                                                                                     Chris Dingli

Chris Dingli.png
Stuti Kejriwal.png

Gwyn has been absolutely wonderful ! I first went to her seminar in New York and was very inspired and auditioned for her ActorMarathon. She was extremely encouraging towards my dreams ! Amazingly our paths crossed again in Los Angeles and she had perfect guidance for me, a lost newbie in LA. And then I benefited immensely with her LA ActorMarathon signing with one of the best managers in the industry. Thanks, Gwyn!         Stuti Kejriwal

I attended two ActorMarathons and obtained representation in New York as well as Los Angeles through these. I also was called in to auditions for primetime shows and films from the Marathons. In general, Gwyn helped me market my self in the right way and then helped me get seen by people in the industry once I was ready. It was great!                                              Steve Magnussen

Steve Magnussen.png

Want to Cut to the Chase??

As there are a LIMITED number of slots available for the JUNE LA ActorMarathon,

you might want to consider this option- If you are sure you want to attend but haven't

been accepted- RESERVE YOUR SPOT with a DEPOSIT of $250, immediately refundable

if for any reason you are not accepted or can not attend.  Link to PAYPAL here...



Starting with a One-on-One Pre-Marathon Consult with Gwyn about your goals and Marketing tools, you'll also attend a "Practical Realities" Seminar about actually living in LA-finding an apartment, a car and how to negotiate the freeways,  a Q & A with a Legal Immigration Expert, all meals from Friday to Sunday afternoon, an assigned scene with a partner and a rehearsal,  an LA standard Resume Template, a Networking Seminar to learn the best ways to communicate with the Industry, meeting 25 top Agents, Casting Directors and Managers as well as a follow-up evaluation with exciting and rewarding intense 3 days!   

      SCHOLARSHIP PAYMENT PLAN                                                                                                 



The Platinum Package includes all that is in the GOLD Package -One-on-One Pre-Marathon Consult with Gwyn about your goals and Marketing tools, a "Practical Realities" Seminar about actually living in LA, all meals from Friday to Sunday afternoon, an assigned scene with a partner and a rehearsal for both a monologue and a scene,  an LA standard Resume Template, a Networking Seminar to learn the best ways to communicate with the Industry, meeting 25 top Agents, Casting Directors and Managers as well as a follow-up evaluation with Gwyn PLUS a Sizzle scene, rehearsed and shot on location to show you in a marketable role in the Prime time market.

      SCHOLARSHIP PAYMENT PLAN                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


The Diamond Package includes all the basics in the GOLD PACKAGE plus a Head shot session with a top LA photographer- 3 "looks", a Sizzle scene showing you in a marketable role -Doctor, Lawyer, FBI agent, Undercover Cop, Romantic Hero/Heroine for current Prime Time shows. A partner, location, director, script, sound, writer and editor is provided. You'll receive a 2 minute final Sizzle Scene. Besides a personal evaluation and follow up One-on-One session with Gwyn, you receive a referral to two TOP AGENTS. 

     SCHOLARSHIP PAYMENT                                                                                                                                                                 


***Please note-

We can also create a CUSTOMIZED PAYMENT PLAN for you so you can make payments over several months.

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