MONDAY Workshop
with Gwyn
12pm Noon-1:30pm PDT

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As the "Foremost International Marketing Mentor and Career Coach for actors" Gwyn has coached actors in over 7 different markets- from London, Toronto,New York to Los Angeles for several decades following her own successful Career in TV and on stage. From contract player -over 18 daytime and primetime TV series- to appearing on Broadway and years of Classical plays in Repertory Theater, she is the premier role model with winning strategies and first-hand knowledge of the TV, Film and Theater Industries which she willing shares to help new actors succeed. Learn how you can work with Gwyn personally: an interview: contact

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Ever dream of shooting a film in Hollywood (LA), appearing in a Broadway musical in New York, shooting an episodic crime series in Chicago, a comedic film in Atlanta then flying to London to appear in a spin-off of Game of Thrones or a new BBC period drama- (think Victoria, Poldark or Outlander) and then hightailing it back to Vancouver or Toronto to be featured as the voice of a super hero on a new Netflix series?

That is not just a field of dreams but the NEW MODALITY...

And it's quickly becoming the reality of many bi-coastal (NY-LA) and tri-coastal (London-NY-LA) actors... and it's not for just A listers, stars making a 7 figure's for YOU, the evolving diverse, multi-faceted, well-trained (theater, tv, film, voice-overs) ACTOR.

I know...I have clients on that path. It's REAL.


JOIN me in a thrilling workshop, How to Become THE 7 MARKET INTERNATIONAL ACTOR!!

Monday November 22nd, 2021,

12noon- 1:30 PM

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