Boot Camp

Do you have a KILLER Monologue?

          or two? or three?

 One that shows your Talent?One that shows your TYPE, Range, Castability? One that tells an Agent that you're an actor to watch, One that shows a Casting Director you're the Exception- the ONE actor that just blows them away and that they'll go to bat for...i.e. Get you in the Room to meet the TOP Power Players?? 

That is exactly what you need to SUCCEED!

Not playing it safe, not being afraid to go ALL out.

I help you find 2-3 GREAT monologues, prep you on your performance and help you polish your on camera ZOOM Audition.

The difference between jumpstarting your career and stalling may be your choice of a monologue- and YES! Agents and Casting Directors still LOVE seeing monologues as well as self tapes. Be prepared. Be your very Best! Be Brilliant!

Marketing Mentor for Actors









What's Included?

1. Discovering your TYPE  in all genres in Prime Time/Film-

 You need to know this FIRST BEFORE looking for a MONOLOGUE- 

HOW will you be CAST?  Personality, looks, voice, appeal...?

What ROLES are you right for? 

What current SHOWS can you work on? Which genres?

Choosing material that MATCHES the genre-Sitcom, Action, Medical, Crime, Legal

2.  Understanding WHAT Agents look for in your monologue performance

3.  Learning WHAT Casting Directors want to see in a monologue

4. Working on 2-3 different scripts (provided) to show style and genre-getting feedback

5.  Writing your own monologue- the Do's and Don't's

6.  The difference between a theater, film and TV monologue and WHY you need to have all 3 in your repertoire.



    10:00AM - 1:00PM