Our Mission: To educate, enlighten and entertain the world through inspired communication in the Performing Arts: to align with organizations who seek unity and global harmony by providing opportunity in the Arts to all.

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Join us before the Summit, Thursday August 12th for a fun virtual cocktail reception to meet and greet other VIP attendees...it's a chance to ease into this exciting event, ask questions, share your enthusiasm and plan on having a great experience! BYO- Bring your own  (drinks), we'll take group selfies, have MUSIC, DANCING, PRIZES and GIFTS, lots of FUN...and LAUGHTER  all on ZOOM!

Then, each day after your audition sessions, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY 1-2pm PDT,  meet for feedback, helpful tips and "Yay!Bravo!" kudos on your work. This gives you a chance to tweak, fix or change your monologue or decide to do another one the next day. Wear a different outfit or refine your scene...AND share insights with others.

VIP MEMBERS  also get a FREE follow up mentoring session with Gwyn after the summit to plan your next career step.   You can book this anytime up to a month after!



HOW DO YOU STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD and get your career to the NEXT LEVEL?

                            SUPER COOL MARKETING TOOLS!


  E-ZINE- Your personal monthly newsletter  $99

  CASTABILITY Sheet- selling you in 4 Roles!    $99

  KILLER WEBSITE -5 pages of YOU looking Fabulous! $499



    4 weekly Mentoring sessions -Includes: a monthly Action Plan to follow up with Industry, 

     your personal e-zine and castability sheet, a template for a killer website, a video slate to 

     enhance your social media presence.  

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