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Are you ready for Pilot Season?

How Do You Get in the Door to AUDITION?

How Do You Get a major CONTRACT Role in

 A Pilot?

     What do Agents look for?

What do Casting Directors need from you?

If you get called in HOW do you prepare?

HOW do you Ace an Agent interview?

How do you Deal with the Power Players...

Network Exec's, Show runners, Producers??

HOW do you Win "In the ZOOM Room?

WORK with me ONE-ON-ONE and

I'll Show you HOW!


Gwyn Gilliss

Marketing Mentor 

What Should I Expect?

We meet ONE-on-ONE for two Intensive Hours on ZOOM. We evaluate, tweak, change and polish your marketing tools- Resume, Bio, Log line, Castability sheet, Cover letter/email to reach out to the Industry- write and rehearse an Agent Interview, make revisions to your Website (or

create a FREE one in WIX) and make a mini-Marketing Plan for the next

3 months. We research the shows, casting directors, roles you can play contacting the Power Players who can audition and hire you! Then you can glide easily through Pilot Season with confidence and superb Marketing tools- Ready to go! Ready to Audition! Ready to BOOK!

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