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Are you ready for Pilot Season?

 How Do You Get in the Door to Audition?   

HOW do you Win "In the ZOOM Room"? 

It's Easy - if you know HOW!

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If you don't have an Agent to submit you...

And you don't know any Producers, Writers or Casting Directors... We can change all that!

Let's get you Up to Speed - your marketing tools, audition skills and CONNECTIONS- that's how you get in the door!

I can show you HOW and Introduce you to 5 TOP Casting Directors, Agents, Personal Managers!

3 hours that can change your Career...

Marketing Mentor for Actors

What is the 3 hour Pilot Season Workshop?


     Meet on-line on zoom with me and a small select group of actors

Create a Marketing Plan that will get you in front of MAOR Industry

who are Casting, Repping and Managing Working Actors!   

YOU could be one! 










What's Included?

1. Advice on your HEAD SHOTS- The 3 “looks” that will sell you for all genres in Prime Time. 

2. An Updated Resume TEMPLATE so your resume is INDUSTRY STANDARD.

3. A winning Agent Interview TEMPLATE- with the 3 winning bullet points.

4. Tips for a successful Demo (SIZZLE) reel- how to show your MOST MARKETABLE ROLES.

5. Three Cold Copy AUDITION TECHNIQUES to handle those terrifying- "here, read this in 2 minutes or less" auditions.

6. Communication Email TEMPLATE- what to say in a Cover Letter, an email for reaching: Agents, Casting Directors, Directors, Screenwriters and Network Executives.

7. Defining your TYPE and BRAND. This is how ALL roles are cast-the description in the Breakdowns!

8. Writing a LOG LINE to express your "Essence, style and personality". You'll get more roles if they know what to hire you for!



 *Attend ONE FREE DAY of The Real Deal to Audition for 

 5 TOP Agents, Personal Managers & Casting Directors



    10:00AM - 1:00PM