Quick Consult

What's a Quick Consult?

If something important comes up in your career - an audition, a screen test for a major film role, an agent meeting - it’s smart to get advice and prepping. Don’t make the mistake that so many young actors make- going unprepared and realize later - “I shouldn’t have done that, worn that, said that.” The right information can change everything and make you a winner!

Or if it’s something less urgent, maybe you need help with a specific marketing tool- writing a cover letter, figuring out your type and brand, designing your resume, creating your website or deciding what to wear to a head shot shoot. Let's do this!

Let's meet on ZOOM!

If you're accepted into a coaching program with me, the entire fee for your Quick Consult can be applied to your program - making the consult FREE. (30 day deadline to apply it)

What they are saying....

Gwyn is no joke. If she says she'll get in you in front of agents and casting directors, she will. Her years of experience are invaluable for an actor trying to navigate through all the bs out there. She makes you a winner!

Kazy Tauginas (Blind Spot, Law & Order, John Wick, Person of Interest)

Signing up with Gwyn’s personal coaching has been one of the best decisions of my acting career!! She has a lot of energy, enthusiasm and experience, go-getter but also a realist. She expects you to work hard because she believes that you can achieve your dream. Go for it!  

Marie Sophon  (My Crazy-Ex, Noro)