Sizzle Scenes and Sizzle REELS

As an actor, in order to get work you need to show your work...student films, low budget indie films, self taped auditions- of course, they're all part of building your career and showing what you can do at the beginning stages..but a PROFESSIONAL Sizzle Scene - times three makes a SIZZLE REEL will definitely get you in the door to be seen by MAJOR Casting Directors, Agents, Producers, Network Executives...Why? Because it's PROFESSIONAL.

Why isn't a scene from a student film or indie good enough? Because student film makers rarely provide roles from PRIME TIME genre TV series... they're learning FILM technique,  aren't developed yet as writers or directors- they're students after all- so you're showing unprofessional work that doesn't match the genre and kinds of roles you can play in the real market- Doctors, Interns, lawyers, FBI agents, cops, politicians, criminals, drug dealers, spies, comedic family members, quirky office workers...

Most student film makers write dramas - most aren't aware of hair, make-up, wardrobe, lighting, set design and many technical elements that make up a professional shoot and most indie film makers want to prove themselves with a successful marketable film- a horror film- easy to sell, cheap to produce- but NOT the kind of roles you want to appear in or that will market you successfully.

Shoot something that shows you in the roles you can currently play on Network TV or in a larger budget/Blockbuster Feature with a professional script and you're a Winner!


Attach a scene or a reel to your submissions via Casting Networks, LA Casting, and you're a shoo-in to get called for MAJOR ROLES.

HERE'S THE DEAL.... ALL sizzles include the following: 

Original script, location, partner, DP, Sound crew, Editor, Coaching/rehearsal with Director, Wardrobe consultation, hair/make-up consultation, finished edited DVD or downloadable MP4.


One Sizzle Scene -       $595.00


Two Sizzle Scenes -      $1100.00 (or two payments of $550.00)


A Sizzle Reel- 3 scenes -$1485 (or three payments of $495.00)




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