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Gwyn Gilliss talks about STRATEGY circle
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As a Marketing Expert, I created Strategy circle, an easy and affordable small group Coaching Program to help motivated performers market themselves to the TV/Film Industry to become successful, WORKING Actors! We meet weekly on ZOOM in a friendly community, get inspired with personal advice and action steps and we thrive!  Hope you can join us!

Here's How it works


who hold you accountable, encourage you and celebrate your “Wins”. Meet other ready-to-succeed actors.  Share your progress, team up with an “accountability” partner and learn from others. YOU are not alone...we're in this together!



You need to stay focused on your goal and have a plan of action to achieve your vision.  How are you going to get there step by step- every DAY, Every WEEK- What is your MARKETING PLAN? Participate in a Weekly 30 minute Coaching Call, training you to develop both your business(income) and your career(art). Each month learn a NEW and challenging strategy to speed you to Success!



to follow through. By consistently marketing to the Industry, you get to be KNOWN by the Industry! Work begets work- it's an upward spiral.  Some of the monthly themes:

Creating Your own Projects, Designing Your Website, Creating a unique Industry Standard Resume, Putting together a Castability Sheet, Targeting the Ideal Agent, Finding a Personal Manager, Becoming Bi-coastal,  Becoming an International, Actor, Expanding your Market- Chicago, Atlanta, Toronto, NYC, Getting work in other Media-V.O.'s, commercials, print, webisodes,  Writing your EPK'S- Electronic Press Kits, Developing a Winning Mindset, Learning how to WIN "in the Room", Secrets of a successful "Callback", Putting together your TEAM, Building your Network, Handling Social Media, Polishing your On-Camera Presence, Acing an Agent Interview...An Action Step keeps you focused as you make progress EVERY month. We get RESULTS!!


4- A MENTOR to guide you, inspire you, challenge YOU and show you the way. Just hanging out with other creative individuals in a competitive field is like being in a lifeboat-

no Captain…just more struggle on the high seas. Being CREATIVE is half your career - Developing a BUSINESS System and MARKETING your talent is the other HALF.  A Mentor saves you time and valuable resources. She's been there, DONE THAT and can show you how- she's in your corner!


STRATEGY Circle includes all four. You’re in a safe, positive and supportive Circle of Friends and ready-to-succeed colleagues. When one of you succeeds, ALL of you succeed! We share the info and path we’ll all take!

Easy monthly payments. Sign up for 6 months- get one month FREE!

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