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 I so enjoy scouting talent at "The Real Deal".  I always find such great actors who are not only talented but  are "Agent ready" with a good understanding of the industry.  Gwyn's client/actors are always such a pleasure to work with. I always look forward to The Real Deal as I know I will find some new talented faces. Thank you for having me !             Shawn Brogan, owner     The Brogan Agency

The Real Deal gives actors an opportunity to meet and establish a relationship with entertainment professionals. Highly recommended!!”       Guy Kochlani.    ShuShu Entertainment

Thank you so much for inviting me to participate in today's Real Deal workshop/showcase/Q&A session.

Great group of actors, and I really loved the questions and answers of the panel. Thank you so much! I continue to be impressed by your skill as a teacher and businessperson, as well as actress. Well done!!!                                                  Mimi Mayer     Angel City Talent


The Real Deal has some of the best talent I have seen in quite a while. They were prepared and talented. It was very well organized as well! Good job, Gwyn!

                                        Robin Nassif         Media Artists Group

The Real Deal virtual Event was great to attend. All the actors were well trained and did a nice job with their monologues/scenes. Gwyn runs a very smooth and well organized showcase. She is great to work with and cares a lot about the actors and reps!

                                        Aaron Sacks     Bohemia Entertainment

Thanks Gwyn for providing this opportunity to interact with talented, eager professional actors, albeit it on my computer screen, unlike our usual past encounters!  We can always expect the best from you and The Real Deal!                                Lisa Castle    Castle Hill Agency


The Real Deal- A great morning with passionate actors and dedicated professionals. Packed with information from the pros and inspiring work from the actors involved. There are several actors I would love to represent.

Thanks Gwyn!                 Phil Brock      Studio Talent Group

Hey Gwyn- Thanks again for the invite for The Real Deal. I always learn something from my fellow industry professionals. And the talent is the icing on the cake.  :) Well done!

                                     Cheryl Martin       CMA Entertainment

Thanks Gwyn!  A wonderful experience watching your actors perform their monologues.  A perfect way to see new talent at their best.  Here’s to seeing The Real Deal actors on Television and in Movies soon.  Wishing you all the best!                              Carol Lefko           Casting Director


I have been a fan of Gwyn and her efforts for many years.  She never disappoints with the quality of work she does on behalf of her clients and seeing the actors work at The Real Deal is always an absolute pleasure!!!

                                             Craig Holzberg  Agent/owner  Avalon Artists


 What a lovely morning spent with lovely actors at The Real Deal! I was impressed by how professional the actors were: from the camera set-up, the lighting, professionalism, being prepared and really good! Thank you for having me, Gwyn.  It was a real pleasure.        

                                               Zora Dehorter       Casting Director


I can always count on meeting new and talented actors at a Real Deal event. Thanks, Gwyn!      

             Stan Zimmerman, writer/producer/director (“The Golden Girls”, “Roseanne”, Gilmore Girls”)


“The first weekend of The Real Deal was a success! The actors were very strong and Gwyn was tremendous as a host as well as prepping them all...it’s a great way for young actors to meet some of the top agents and managers in the business!"            Tyler Kahl             Allegory Creative Talent

Great! This really was the best group of kids (actors) I’ve seen with you. Thank you again for including me in The Real Deal.                              Kevin Turner         Daniel Hoff Agency, Inc


Gwyn has a great eye for talent and always showcases fabulous actors at The Real Deal here in LA!                                                      Mara Santino           Luber Roklin Entertainment




Gwyn Gilliss has a brilliant way of not only giving a platform to actors that want to transition to the US acting market, she also provides the training and guidance to learn about the competitive industry, draw out your unique qualities as an actor to understand your own brand as an artist. She is with you every step of the way and a pleasure to work with. The Real Deal is a great way for actors and industry casting directors, agents and managers to connect which would probably be difficult if you tried to do this on your own. For anyone that wants a REAL taste of the LA casting market I highly recommend the Real Deal with Gwyn.

                                              Emiko Ishii

I had such an incredible time at The Real Deal- Meet the Pro's weekend...and can’t wait to sign up for the next one! The connections I made and feedback over the past two days have given me a whole new confidence!!

(***I heard back from a Top Manager and Agent!!)   

                                           Alexandria Watts


The Real Deal is awesome! I was able to audition for and network with some of Hollywood's top industry professionals, and I learnt so much in the process. The one-to-one prep session with Gwyn also meant that I went into the event feeling confident about my monologue, and ready to showcase my skills to the people who can advance my career... I found their advice really helpful.   (***and I called called by a top AGENT!!...

 UPDATE: I also got an offer of management and sponsorship for my Visa 01- that's a Real Deal!)

                                            Mark Lawson


Meeting industry people can be a bit intimidating. Gwyn prepared me well for The Real Deal and her Industry guests were friendly, fun, and full of great advice! What an awesome opportunity. Thanks Gwyn!  (***I got an offer from a major agency for representation!- UPDATE- I got signed to a top Agent/Manager- now I have a brilliant new TEAM!)         Dawn Marie


Gwyn is a precise coach, dedicated to marketing you to your fullest potential. I feel incredibly lucky to have her on my side supporting my career by opening new doors, full of exciting adventures. The Real Deal was a tremendous opportunity to meet, and be seen performing, by a panel of industry professionals. The event was casual and at the same time professional, each guest being highly interested in what you have to offer. It was great!                                 Duncan Hodgkinson


Opportunities like this do not come around often and I felt so prepared and calm when speaking with the industry professionals due to Gwyn's incredible prep sessions. The industry professionals at The Real Deal gave advice that I genuinely believe will further my career in acting. I can't wait to come back again!            

                                           Paige Farnham

When I first met Gwyn, we talked for a bit about career beginnings and she told me about THE REAL DEAL, and this was THE place to get my foot in the door and to network with industry professionals. Her advice and guidance were extraordinary and straight to the point! If you have the opportunity to work with her, I highly recommend taking advantage of it! And definitely sign up for a Real Deal Event- the top Pro's were amazing!                                                  Abner Lozano

Gwyn gives really helpful advice in a fun, relaxed manner and all of the guests seem happy to see her! I heard back from several different agents after doing the Real Deal for a weekend and I’m excited to build those relationships—an opportunity I wouldn’t have had if not for Gwyn!

                                              Bailey McCann 


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