Boot Camp

Do you have a KILLER WEBSITE?

 One that shows your Talent?One that shows your TYPE, BRAND, Castability? One that tells an Agent that you're an actor to watch, One that shows a Casting Director you're the Exception- the ONE actor that just blows them away and that they'll go to bat for...i.e. Get you in the Room to meet the TOP Power Players?? 

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That is exactly what you need to SUCCEED!

I help you tweak and UPDATE your current WEBSITE or CREATE/DESIGN a NEW ONE that will really SELL YOU!

Be prepared. Be your very Best!

Be Brilliant!

Marketing Mentor for Actors


APRIL 10th

    9:00AM - 12:00PM


What we'll cover during the BOOTCAMP:

1- Creating a WEBSITE from scratch!!! (or Tweak your current one)-


2- What to put on the First Page -YOUR HOME page- photo/graphics, audio

3- Why a short SIZZLE is important- what PAGE it belongs on

4- What your GALLERY/MEDIA page should include- (NOT just headshots!)

5- How to record both an AUDIO message and VIDEO for each/specific page (it's easy- I'll show you how)

6- Where a CASTABILITY PAGE goes- what to put on it or NOT

7 - WHY your WEBSITE is your most important marketing tool- How to use it

8- What goes on your MEDIA page

9- How to show your BRAND create the graphics/photos for each page-  

10- Your Final page- CONTACT- what to include or NOT