Are you an ACTOR -
         Just starting out? Already auditioning?
            Working professionally?

   I'm a Career Coach and Marketing Mentor         who can help you get your career to the 
   next level - easily and affordably.

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What they are saying....



Gwyn Gilliss is a godsend. Talent, knowledge, charisma, generosity & wisdom all wrapped up in one person.

Jennifer Nuccitelli  (The Carrie Diaries, The Girl on the Train, Do No Harm –

NBC series, Marry the Night -with Lady Gaga)


Gwyn is the real deal! A business-minded woman who has "been there" with her own career and has up-to-the-minute ideas for how each actor she works with can vault to the next level- her coaching is invaluable!  

Meredith Stewart  (Scandal, Criminal Minds, Devious Maids, Wolf of Wall Street)

Gwyn knows what she’s talking about. She’s been there, she’s done it, and there’s no one better at teaching actors what they need to do to get there themselves!   

Michael Raymen, Agent – Don Buchwald & Assoc. (Talent Agency)